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Music Composer,
Released OnFeb-04-2023

Biography Song Lyrics

[Intro] High grade kush keep mi calm keep mi brain out the storm
Thug still a aim fi di star even tho di road wi walk
Faith bring we through di struggle but a hardwork carry wi
Yow Troublemekka

[Verse 1] Sleepless nights dat a normal pree
Search fi cheese naah look [?] A millions weh mi [?] pon eh beat
And mi used tuh a work till mi hand dem bleed
Grateful fi di blessings mi receive and mi family woulda neva bruk again
If yuh believe
Mi did tell uno mummy seh dem affi memba wi and a foreva

[Chorus] True story true story
A faith bring we through di struggle but a hardwork carry wi
A miles man walk from school guh check di biography
Now wi a drive di machine wid di new technology
Mi stay fly hustling a wi anatomy [?] [Verse 2] Half a million inna mi jeans wen mi foot a touch di road
And mi naffi sell nuh drugs and mi naah pick nuh phone
Pull up mad pon any block mi and eh killa dem a roll
And dem bricks ya wen wi ave cyaah wull inna nuh billiford
Foreva gwallaz foreva eva four
How mi fi know weh mi woulda end up?
Wi known fi darkness inna eh road
Only ting mi know seh fi keep mi head up

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Born genius born leada
Still a ten toes yuh know inna dah field ya
Ten thousand more fi get eh dream dog
Ye mi know eh road rough and eh full up a Hyenga
And di people weh yuh luv a mek yuh pree hard
Gangsta nuh weak tuh nuh senorita
And wi nuh weak tuh di media

[Bridge] What a beautiful feeling wen di money stock tuh ceiling
And di family start fi live while every baddi used tuh dreaming
And grandma get fi si har likkle grandson pon eh tv
Mount a time mi promise har dat if mi neva dweet shi pree mi

Biography Song Download Pagalworld, Biography Mp3 Download Free . Biography 2023 Songs Of 10Tik, Troublemekka New Song Download

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