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Music Composer
Released OnOct-22-2022

Cokeboys Song Lyrics

[Intro] Uh
Mr. 16
Coke Boy
San Fran nigga

[Hook] Middle fingers up in this mawfucka, I'm a mawfucka
Got the hammer right now in this mawfucka
I'm really in the game, I never change
You know the team, that's cocaine
[Verse 1: French Montana] Shit is real life, something more than lyrics
You niggas overnight, something like gimmicks
Feelings to the side, it's nothing more than business
Middle finger to the cops, you fucking with killers
Catch me in the lab, something like a chemist
Your man looking nervous, something like a witness (Snitch!)
Call the key, whipping like a slave
Catch me in the cut low, something like a fade
I'm blowing purple smoke, me and my kinfolk
Think you an animal, I turn you to a mink coat
All black everything with my brim low
Seattle smoke blowing out the window

[Hook x2] [Verse 2: Chinx Drugz] Nigga you know the game
It's cocaine, bigger banks, niggas bossed up
The penalty for throwing ice is getting tossed up (Dig me?)
Stacks in abundance, a good grind will have you pulling racks by the hundreds
Coupe looking leche, banging like an essays
My young boys blowin trumpets like Dizzy Gillespie
Stack and a half's what I paid for the fresh 8
Shorty think I'm the bomb and I didn't even detonate
Riot squad, cocaine get your head right (Get it right)
For them things, get in his wig like head lice
Hurry up and die, they know I'm something fly
Name a crew hotter, you a fucking liar

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