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Released OnFeb-04-2023

INFINITE Song Lyrics

It seems nowadays all i hear about is violence, taunting kids to try it its exciting, till you the one who dying
Cas theres a consequence for everyone, and everything, some forty-seven shit, see the balance interfering
Tear up, get teared up, heart colder then an air duct, i guess i got the spare love, passed like a shared blunt
I wish i didn’t care but, can't help it, fell in love young , so i grab that gun, put it to my skull, an fi ucking

I wish i could picture not missing you but its true it was fiction
Your hard indictments , led me to drug my addictions
Till im in-scripting love letters that leave me missing
History, love brought us together, and you where kissing me
Ill put a fucking bullet in my head, to end my misery
Like why was i the one, to see my fate and still let it be
Since day one, i been fighting against whats ahead of me
Feeling like im gai, with no shiryu, demons testing me
Seen in the life recipe, success and money, do it all for some exstacy
But i been fucking up, let the devil get the best of me
Let the devil get the best of me
But since the 9th grade, i been hiding from my self
And in the 8th grade, i was just finding my self
Opened up my third eye, i see prophecies of self
And the future for the ones i care about, indigo
That the shit its all about, if you ain't ready for it
Then dont fucking take that route

Think im fucking crazy, tunnel vision feeling hazy
Started letting out my self, now they all hate me
Life ain't shit but a motherfucking painting
Up to the ones who do the painting
Up to the ones who do the painting

This my matafucking reign, i pull that motherfucking blade, i slit my motherfucking wrists till i motherfucking cave
I want that fucking pain, the feel of numb like its nova cane, told my girl how to hold a blade and she cut me
I dont know how to fucking be, and i dont know who to fucking be, and some times i feel so fucking weak
And every week that goes by, feeling like ive just fucked up, and i need another cup bruh, yea i need another cup bruh
To fucked up, to feel fucked up

( $TONEY )

There was a time where i only saw the world for the pain it caused me and i tryed to hurt it back, couldn't take control of my own fucking pain, everytime i hurt someone i just found myself more scarred inside, but where i grew up its hard, mfs starting fights with me cas im tall and they felt like i was tough, had to become someone i fucking hate

Yea, ill hurt you
If you hurt me, thats that shit i seen to much
They think revenge is a means to an end
Realy just pretend, once you get your revenge you just want more
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So if life really ain't a game, then why are there number scores hanging on are names, and why is the governement implanting false identities, and motives in are head, thats the motherfucking pain, thats the way of the world, thats the way of the world
And it seems nowadays i can't even get away from the world

( $toney )

Fools try to make you feel useless, when they find out they can't use you, they think retaliations a solution, but thats just the illusion that keeps us divided, lies that the world manifested, i can't even stress it
Im to used to this shit, im to fucking used to this shit
But im done with it..

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