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Released OnFeb-20-2023

Mortal Kombat Song Lyrics

Mortal Kombat Lyrics
[Intro] (Gang)
I’m really finna body a surge clone and a nigga named after a children’s clothing store made for girls
(and i made the beat)
“Finish Him”

[Verse] I’m finna body these little ass niggas no i am not talking bout Kombat
You think that you running shit nigga?
All of this shit? bitch I run that!
You less relevant than a lil teeny tiny ass package full of baby carrots from the karen that, pickity packed ya lunch sack
I can bend ya momma over, leave her hunchback
And ya name Justice nigga you a fruit snack
“Ha, Gay!”
This is not no cafeteria, I’m superior, you inferior
I can drop bombs like war in Syria
You cannot beat me, you are the third nigga I violated, you cannot see me
Little nigga what’s this?
Pussy ass nigga named Justice
Just likе a racist cop you ain’t getting justice
Nah, Fuck this (Grahh, Graah)
Like run that back, run that back
Who is him? Who is hе? Who is that?
Just another dummy nigga, better get to running nigga
Pull up with that mf blicky hit ya tummy nigga
Leave you like a gummy nigga
Now you on the floor?
Like a nigga having an allergic reaction cause you really is a nutty nigga
Squish you like some putty nigga
Ain’t no fucking ducking nigga
Finna wrap this up, like a mf mummy nigga
Clumsy nigga finna get to trippin & ducking
And you ain’t got stats but you getting a dozen
And the way you sucking Dami gotchu looking like cousins
Like ew thats nasty
I could die right now and you still couldn’t pass me
Run up on the beat like a mf athlete
Can’t take you seriously boy you ride in the backseat huh
None of you niggas is half me huh?
Choppa get to humming & humming
Bitch it’s dumping & dumping now, boy you dumber than dumber
When the choppa get to singing it’ll bust it and bust it
Boy you ain’t on nothing, you get no plays boy you ain’t een buzzing
I could rap really slow so you can understand me but that’s changing nothing
You a broke ass nigga, need some change or something?
Like who is me?
Nigga who is YOU?!
Slide on yo block like Toosii do
Aww he’s mad, somebody get this baby ass nigga a fucking juicy juice
Triple K bitch, I’m finna hang ya noose
And foreverlonely, you don’t know me
I could put ya sister, cousin, uncle, auntie, grandma, grandpa
Fasho-ly, in a fucking hole 6 deep, with every single one of ya dead, homies
I could not fuck with a nigga that be lame
All of the drip that you got is on EBAY, I cannot relate
You just a Surge clone, that paid for the rebate
20k up in a brief case, just to have two little niggas be replaced
Them ain’t no VVS lil nigga that’s keychain
Sleep this fuck nigga leave him in a dreamstate
I’m finna swipe him like jugging no prepaid
With these lil niggas no I am not, playing
Wait let me slow down lil nigga
Do you know what the fuck I am “Saying”
Bitch I’m finna go, Super Sayian
I am not playing with none of you niggas
You ain’t bussing no triggas Justice & JD
Y’all cannot rap so y’all only like baking on Discord
Welcome to Diss Wars
Like why the fuck am I this bored?
Please don’t end up with a bunch of little different sick sores
Catch dat nigga slippin, clutch up on the motherfucking Smith &, Wesson
Or I could really demolish this nigga like a fucking demolition
He don’t wanna li-li-li-li-, bro just fucking listen
I cannot be stuck in yo position
Like what the fuck is yo condition?
This nigga tripping
These niggas tweakin, stop all that singing
Y’all the bootleg weekend, turned to the worst day
Take ya lil life on ya birthday, I can really do you niggas the worst way
Like what the fuck?
Who the fuck you think you testing?
8 shot slugs, test this
These niggas poo (Fart) intestines
Yo name Justice, like Just Dance
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[Outro] Hahaha
Ight let me stop bro, I could
I could do this shit for 5 more minutes bruh
Hahaha, what the fuck?
Niggas is boo (Fart)
Destroyed the fuck out of both if you niggas
Oh my goodness
“Damn double homicide”
Hoped you learned your lesson haha nerd (Fart) Bitch! YungxJxyy, YJS!

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