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Save Me Life

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Music Composer
Released OnOct-22-2022

Save Me Life Song Lyrics

[Verse 1] Mi gi yuh mi soul
Thank yuh fi protect and guide mi
Ayuh alone mi si wen mi inna crisis
Wen mi si dem a change like 5 bills dem a light switch
Yuh fi know mi nuh ritid
Press it up and yuh a guh silent
Y dem a try try mi
Fada wen mi lost did find mi

[Chorus] Jah jah save mi life
House dawk a mi couldn’t pay fi light
One thing nobody couldn’t hear mi voice
Suh wen mi sing now yuh hear pain inna it
Tired a rainy nights suh Jah Jah yuh save mi life
Yuh alone know di mount a tears mi dry
Protect mi by any means

[Verse 2] And if a bruk life yeah mi know bout dat
Wen mi cyah find food haffi trust from shop
Nah nuh income fi mi pay back dat
Man jus glad seh it stop wah gap
Bay killaz inna eh streets 17 inna eh Glock
But a Jah Jah did a call all shots
Neva yet stop till wi reach a eh top
Know wah wi a come from mi nah turn back

Save Me Life Song Download Pagalworld, Save Me Life Mp3 Download Free . Save Me Life 2022 Songs Of 450 New Song Download

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