Kash Promise Move

Amazing Mp3 Song Download Kash Promise Move

Yea eh
One move
Bbz mi luv f**k yuh still enuh
Yuh know

[Verse 1] Baby a just yuh appearance mek anytime mi si yuh
Mi waah f**k yuh si mi fi tek it mi nuh fi ask yuh
Wen mi dun yuh fren dem affi ask why yuh a walk suh
A swear mi really love fi f**k yuh gal
Jus lowe di bed because daah one yah
A fi official and tuh me yuh full a beach
Mi naah fi guh fi sand
Set pon a back shot position yuh kitty buff up round a back
A beg fi stab suh bad
Wen mi a work mi nuh laugh
Shi a squirt mi nuh pause
Mi keep stabbing her hard
Shi gi mi heads and mek mi feel like mi deh heaven
Why one gyal affi suh bad?”
Mi really affi send threat wen shi tel mi shi a mek step
Like if shi geet weh
Wull heap a thing shi a guh dead left
(A joke)
Di love mi have fi yuh baby it really endless
Mi nuh si nuh locks pon yuh
But baby yuh a mi empress

[Chorus] Baby you’re amazing (amazing)
Yuh look suh pretty pon mi c**ky
It amaze mi

Phenomenal dolly a you mi call mommy
Like some gyal yuh nuh full up drama
Yuh nuh wear fake baggy
Designer pin body gyal
Plus yuh duh whateva yuh wanna aaahh

[Verse 2] Draws shift c**k stiff
Tek f**k caah mi naah back fist
Shi seh each stroke feel good baby message dat clit
Gyal yuh legs dem mi nuh smell
Scent wen yuh open it
Wen dem si wi together dem go envy
Gyal yuh a star
Pluss yuh have good ways
Dat aguh carry yuh far
Wen wi have wi ups and downs
Yow wi neva left her
Wen shi call mi tell mi shi waah f**k mi
Never left her
Suh shi affi love di G fi real
A dis yah mawga bwoy yah mek shi scream wid ease
Weaken di knees
Wen time mi working shi seh breed mi please
It hurt mi wen ,mi tell yuh seh mi love yuh baby
And yuh disbelieve
Her mouth get horny wen shi si di Gad
Worse if shi si di mag
Wen shi hold mi feel suh holy dawg
And a nuh synagogue
Forever together a wi a trad
Through good or bad times
Hey yuh a fi mi gyal yeaah..

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Yuh tie mi, from mi heart
Mi a big up who design it
A suhm fi mi fight fi
Mi like it
Baby mi just happy seh yuh try mi
Hey gyal yuh p**sy tiny
It tie mi
From mi heart
Mi a big up who design it
A suhm fi mi fight fi
Mi like it yeah
Mi just happy seh yuh try mi yeah

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